I am a Rainbow explores the  chakra energy system within and around us. This book is an introduction to the energy field for anyone ages 7-99! Also recommended as a parent/child or teacher/student shared text. It presents and explanation of the energy system within a simple format to facilitate shared discussion.

The Master Teacher leads characters Joey and Marisa on a color journey beginning in the west as the sun sets. They are guided Eastward toward the light of a new day, experiencing gardens of color. As they travel through the gardens, the children learn to connect with their seven major energy centers assisted by the Master.

This book is the first in a trilogy offering a window into the world of energetic healing.



Reviews and Interviews

Check out this book review!
(It’s )…full of information, instilling ideas about grace, love for everyone, tranquility and the power to heal. Say something like that to a kid, and their magic detectors start squealing. continue www.xojane.com/new-agey/baby-rainbow

Roseanne Script was recently interviewed about her book. Press play to listen!


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